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About Kerri-Lee Benson & Comfee Living

Over her 11 years in business, Kerri-Lee saw her Comfee Cushions therapeutic pillow business expand into Comfee Living – solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Kerri-Lee Benson of Comfee Living on Health & WellnessA Message From Kerri-Lee Benson

In my childhood bedroom, there hung a poster that read, "How high I aim, how much I see, how far I reach, depends on me". I understood this, and believed it as truth.

11+ years in business & making dreams come true

I became a full-time entrepreneur mid 2005. My entrepreneurial spirit was however in development from childhood; with two entrepreneurial parents raising me, I didn't know anything else! I was 11 when I sparked an idea to visit my best friend in New Brunswick. I was told I had to raise enough to pay for my own flight. And so it began... I created a flyer offering my services to walk dogs, babysit, wash cars, and do singing telegrams, which I delivered to my neighbours along my paper route for "the shopping news", in Oakville. Ontario. 

That July, I bought my first solo flight to New Brunswick to visit my friend. Once I had a taste of self-fulfilling my goals, I was hooked. I realized the power of independently making my dreams come true. From that time on I made it my mission to use my creativity to allow me to make the life I wanted. Nothing could get in my way, I had dreams and I knew it was up to me to make them come true.

Comfee Living Blog 

Comfee Cushions – Where It All Began

As a designer, my objective is to marry function with beauty in all I do.  In 2009, I stumbled across the device I now use in my cushion. As a creative opportunist, I immediately saw the value in it, and redesigned the application into what is now the Comfee Cushion.

We all buy lovely cushions at stores that look great – but that's all they do. Why not try a Comfee Cushion that looks great, and also gives back in terms of better health?  

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Comfee Living – Healthy Living Lifestyle

Having had the opportunity to connect first-hand with my customers at craft and trade shows, I've learned that many of them are interested in more than Comfee Cushions.

I'm here to help those who are interested in learning how to improve themselves in their life journey in various areas, be it social connections, mindset, eating habits, new therapies, lifestyle choices, or health and fitness.

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