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Integrity – Starting Your Comfee Living Lifestyle Means Starting With Integrity

Posted Jun 14th, 2016 in What's Got Your Knickers In A Knot?

Integrity – Starting Your Comfee Living Lifestyle Means Starting With Integrity

What does integrity mean to our own sense of wellbeing, our own comfort and our own Comfee Living Lifestyle? Everything.

INTEGRITY... What is a lack of integrity?

It's not honoring your word, or following through with promises, or acting without concern for others.  It's doing unto others as you WOULDN'T wish done unto you.

It seems lately everywhere I go people have their knickers in a knot about the "lack of customer service". What is that really but a lack of integrity?

To live a peaceful, calm, and confident life the key ingredient, when it comes to interacting with others, be it a family member,  business associate, friend or a customer, is having integrity. It's what allows us to sleep at night and be proud of ourselves when we look in the mirror in the morning. The way to have integrity is to think, feel and do in unity. So drilling down even deeper it means we need to be honest with and honour ourselves so we are able to follow through easily with our promises to others. 

How do we know when we are acting without integrity?

That's easy.....it's whenever we make up excuses. Excuses are actually an acknowledgement or understanding that we didn't meet the mark, goal, promise etc....To act with integrity, we know we are doing so because we do what we said without excuses, we follow through with the behavior that matches the words we say, which ideally match the thoughts and feelings we have. Acting with integrity, brings a sense of pride and confidence.

What does integrity look like?  

Well, when we navigate life by our inner compass, we become that person that others trust, rely on, believe in, gravitate towards, that person who has a reputation for standing by their word, their word is everything!  So find out what is important to you because once you identify this it becomes seamless to follow through with the behavior that represents that belief. And STOP making promises you can't keep. If you have a problem with procrastinating then be up-front with people and communicate a reasonable expectation.

We are all different and that's a beautiful thing so embrace your strengths and weaknesses but most of all be honest and true to yourself first so you can act with integrity towards others. This makes the world a better place for everyone.


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