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Comfee Cushions, helping many people in the autistic spectrum.

Posted Jun 24th, 2016 in What's Got Your Knickers In A Knot?

Comfee Cushions, helping many people in the autistic spectrum.

Comfee Cushions an assistive device, helping many people in the autistic spectrum. Featured as a resource in the Autism Ontario, Peterborough Newsletter

For those in the Autistic spectrum and their friends and family members travelling with them, and especially travelling to new environments with new people, can be challenging and often leads to discomfort and/or anxiety, It can be very overwhelming. Two strategies often used are : Limiting exposure and Coping tactics/mechanisms. Trying to limit the overwhelming exposure can at times be very difficult. Many of our customers tell us that having a soothing sensory item accessible and portable like the soothing vibration therapy offered from the Comfee Cushion, really helps calm and provides a sensory input that the autistic person can control and it also gives them a focus which helps drown out the overwhelming sensations they are feeling from the environment around them. The comfee cushion is portable and washable for those of you to whom it becomes a well used and well traveled cushion not to worry, all covers can be cleaned. IF you or someone you know is also sensitive to touch, We offer soft plush fabrics, microseuedes, and pleather/vinyl for a quick clean. If you have any feedback, comments, question or concerns please, we invite you to write to us by email or respond directly to the blog post. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more great info. Newsletter excerpt below. I've also included a few links to other articles featuring vibration for intellectual disabilities, Autusm etc...


Sensory item:

Comfee cushion is a Class 1 medical device, offering a gentle soothing vibration. It's often used as a calming aid to those seeking a sensory Input. Comfee cushions are offered in a variety of fabrics for many sensory preferences. The cushions are portable and offer massage on demand, running on two D cell batteries that run for 120 hrs of enjoyment. There is no on off switch as its activated by pressure so simply hug it or lean your body against it. All materials are washable! Great in the car, home, office, school, plane....anywhere. To order a comfee cushion or get more info please visit their website www.comfeeliving.com

Articles including research on Autism and Vibration

PDF] The role of music therapy in the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities suffering from mental health issues
E Urpi - 2016... Rhythmic and auditory stimulation are paired with vestibular stimulation. Tactile desensitization
techniques with specific fabrics and physical vibration of low tones, between 62-110 Hz are
also used together with upper extremity range of motion sequences. ...

Impact of sensory preferences of individuals with autism on the recognition of emotions expressed by two robots, an avatar, and a human
P Chevalier, JC Martin, B Isableu, C Bazile, A Tapus - Autonomous Robots, 2016
Page 1. Auton Robot DOI 10.1007/s10514-016-9575-z Impact of sensory preferences of
individuals with autism on the ... Abstract We design a personalized human-robot envi- ronment
for social learning for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ...

Dolphin Sam: A Smart Pet for Children with Intellectual Disability
S Colombo, F Garzotto, M Gelsomini, M Melli… - Proceedings of the …, 2016
... SAM emits different stimuli (sound, vibration, and light) with its body in response to children's
manipulation. ... 4. E. Salgueiro et al. Effects of a dolphin interaction program on children with autism
spectrum disorders -- an exploratory research. BMC Research Notes 2012, 5:1999. ...


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