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Physiotherapists recommend Comfee cushions' circulation boosting vibration therapy, to clients with Diabetes and those with Leg swelling (Edema)

Posted Jul 27th, 2016 in What's Got Your Knickers In A Knot?

Physiotherapists recommend Comfee cushions' circulation boosting vibration therapy, to clients with Diabetes and those with Leg swelling (Edema)

Our Comfee Cushion sales teams visits many retirement and or long term care facilities to offer our therapeutic Comfee cushions to the residents. Often times the in house nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and/or massage therapists drop in to inquire about and or recommend our cushions to their clients who are suffering with muscle aches and pains or those suffering with leg/foot circulation challenges such as diabetic legs and or leg/foot swelling or edema.

Many of the facilities we visit are banning the use of heating pads because so many of the seniors have injured themselves in recent years that the risk verses benefit has been outweighed. Some of the risks with the heating pads are, clients are falling asleep with the temperature too high and getting burns and painful blisters. Several seniors have tripped on the cords attaching the heating pad to the outlet and had terrible falls resulting in broken hips etc..., and there is always the concern of forgetting to unplug the heating pad, which is a fire risk for the building. Many clients who have previously gravitated towards heat to stimulate blood flow and relieve and sooth aches and pains are now switching over to the comfee cushion vibration therapy to achieve the same effect without the risk of burning, tripping/falling, fire hazard as there is nothing to remember or forget. Comfee cushions' circulation boosting vibration therapy is a safer choice for you and your loves ones.

Comfee cushions contains a class 1 medical device, which was created originally for boosting leg and foot circulation in diabetics. Vibration therapy a well studied therapy has been making a large impact in the medical industry over the last decade, with a multitude of medical vibration devices hitting the market. Tens electrodes for example, used by chiropractors, to loosen a patients muscles prior to an adjustment offer a similar affect as our vibration motor. There are many foot vibration machines available such as Revitive, and the Foot pro, all used to stimulate foot circulation which is great for diabetics and or those with swelling or edema. Some of these other circulation boosting devices range in price from  $165-300. Comfee Cushion offers circulation boosting vibration therapy for $60.

Aside from a much more palatable cost, Comfee cushions also offers the convenience of being totally portable, which means there is no restriction where you can use your circulation boosting comfee cushion. Wonderful for those who have mobility restrictions such as people in wheelchairs or those who use walkers. Our Comfee Cushions can boost your circulation on the go and fits perfectly in a walker basket. So go ahead, take it in the car or to a friends house, or on a plane to help prevent blood clotting by keeping the foot circulation stimulated during a long flight. Owner, Kerri-Lee Benson has taken her vibration therapy comfee cushion on her flight from Toronto-Vancouver-Sydney Australia and back, with no questions asked.  

Our comfee cushion offers one gentle and non-invasive vibration speed, which is pleasant and soothing to the user. Many of our clients are suffering with poor leg circulation caused by diabetes and or other medical conditions. The device is most effective if used daily under each leg for 15-20 minutes. Doing one leg at a time is easiest.  We strongly recommend elevating your leg and placing the comfee cushion under the calf muscle and have your leg in the centre of the cushion so that the weight of your leg pushes the pressure activated button into the on position. Combining elevation with the stimulation of the vibration expedites the circulation boosting affect. See image below. Please refer to our Youtube channel, Kerri-Lee TV for a host of testimonials from real customers about how they use their therapeutic comfee cushion

How to place comfee cushion for leg boosting circulation

While comfee cushions' circulation boosting is wonderful for stimulation of circulation in legs and feet, you are by no means restricted to using the cushion just in those areas. Many of our clients us their comfee cushion from head to toe, to alleviate back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, pain from plantar fasciitis, pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia pain etc....Using comfee cushion for boosting circulation is always helpful to speed up healing times post surgery as boosting circulation brings oxygen rich blood to the healing area. Our comfy therapeutic vibration cushions do not have any shiatsu components, which many other vibration cushion, chair pads, or massage chairs often contain. This means, with Comfee Cushion, there is no risk of damage or further injury to your muscles or nerves caused by, moving or prodding parts.

Below a testimonial from a customer who's 2 family members use for circulation boosting in diabetic legs and feet.

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