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Made in Canada, by hand, Comfee Cushions offer "Massage on Demand".

Therapeutic cushions hand-made in Canada

Crafted by my hand in Ontario, Canada, we use locally sourced, designer upholstery fabric-ends. This allows us to offer a huge selection of designer pillow colours and textures as well as keeping the fabric out of a dumpster and protecting our environment.

Quality, Renewable & Sustainable Materials

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious or "Green" we use a bio-plush foam interior. Bio-plush is made from 30% soy oil, which is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.

Proven results wrapped in beautiful design

Designed with a class one medical device in a pretty little package, this vibration therapy device boosts circulation bringing oxygenated blood to the area, releasing muscle tension, and alleviating aches and pains. Perfect for diabetic legs, feet or Edema (swelling).

Portable & Convenient For Relief Anywhere

Comfee Cushions provide relief and aid to those on the go. Use your Comfee Cushion in the car, home, office or patio! The cushions are flight friendly, so wonderful for travel.

NEW!!! Try your company logo on our vibrating cushions for corporate gifting! Call for Details and pricing! See our blog post on Custom Embroidery to see an example of our first happy customer!

We accept payments via Paypal including Visa and Mastercard. For shipping and returns information see here.


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