Portable Designer Therapeutic Vibrating Massage Cushions


has been a great product that is appreciated in our house.

Unfortunately two years after purchase, I had a problem, but Kerri replaced, no charge.

Wonderful service and product.

Eva Rossi

I have severe chronic lower back pain. 24/7, it’s horrible. I purchased two Comfee Cushions one for myself the other for my husband. I use mine several times a day. It helps calm and soothe my back spasms. My husband finds his helps with aches and pains. I am very pleased with the benefits of this cushion. I recommend  Comfee Cushion. Added bonus, they are really well made! 

Rowena, Niagara Ontario

It’s amazing how someone depends on something as simple as a vibrating cushion.  My mother will be more than pleased to receive a new cushion. 

Thanks again!!!

Rob & Scott, Saskatoon, SK

I was at the 35th Sugar Plum Fair and Craft Show in Alliston on Nov 10, 2018.  It was held at the Notawasaga Inn and I bought a pillow as I have lower back pain and edema in my right foot from a car accident.  I used it that night and noticed my foot wasn't swollen.  I have hand vibrating massagers but this covers a larger area and I can use it on my back.  So glad I bought it.

Holly Lynn Anderson

My Mom and I thank you! Received the new motor and her Comfee cushion is back in business. She is so happy! Thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service!

D. Whitacker

Hello Kerri-Lee: 

Tom received the new motor this afternoon for the cushion, and it is working very well.  Thank you so much for such excellent service, it is greatly appreciated.


Ruth King

I saw the Comfee Cushions at the One of a Kind show in Toronto, then found out where you would be next, and it was a show in Ottawa at Christmas 2015, so I drove all the way to Ottawa from Kingston to get myself a vibrating cushion, and I Love it everyday!

K. Remillard

I bought this as a birthday present for my grandmother as she has been suffering from severe back pain. She LOVED the Comfee Cushion as soon as she tried it and has been using it ever since on a daily basis. It provides her with much needed relief and I'm so glad to see that she isn't in pain anymore. This is a great product and probably the best present I could have given her!


"Wanted to write you and tell you how amazing your comfee cushion has worked for me. I received it as a Christmas gift this year (2011). I had been experiencing edema, lower leg and foot swelling, which lead to horrible leg cramps in the middle of the night. I used it under my calves and feet for 20 min in the am and 20 min in the evening while I read my paper or book. After just one day I saw a noticable reduction of the leg swelling, after 2 days the leg cramps stopped completely, and after the 3rd day my legs were back to normal size as the swelling was gone. I couldn't believe how well the vibration works to help move the fluid out. I tell all my friends and family it's my miracle pillow. I am still using it every day and enjoying. The nurse at the residence where I live is also very impressed with the results and has ordered a few pillows to use with other residents here at my building. Thanks so much and you have to get these cushions out to more people like me!" 

Ivy Cook, Scarborough, Ont

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