About Kerri-Lee Benson and Comfee Cushions


Comfee Cushions – Where It All Began

In 2009,  Kerri-Lee stumbled across the device now used in comfee cushion. As a creative opportunist, she immediately saw the value in it, and redesigned the application into what is now the Comfee Cushion.

Being somewhat intense about everything being efficient and purposeful, Kerri-Lee is driven to always re-evaluate and try to improve the value and function of everyday items. She  found a product at a garage sale that she was intrigued by, it was a pair of stationary slippers with plastic knobs in various places inside where your feet would rest, it also vibrated. She purchased the item for a toonie ($2 dollars) and took it home. Upon closer inspection, she located the vibration mechanism inside that ran on batteries. She used the foot slipper massage and loved the sensation but couldn't bare the look of it on her living room floor.

This got her thinking about, how to better and expand the concept, the objective was to marry function with beauty. She came up with a pillow, designed to house the vibration mechanism, that wouldn't allow users to feel the mechanism, and that could be covered with decorative fabrics. Having sewn her whole life, she made a first proto-type with some left over fabric. Afterwards she showed it to friends and family, and they all wanted one! She knew this was going to be her next big idea. After months of sourcing and organizing, she arranged a plan  to start production, but first she needed sales. After setting up marketing, photos, banners, and business cards, she signed up for her first craft show. she's never looked back, and it's now been 12 years, making and selling Comfee Cushions at craft shows and Online, across Canada, USA and now the world.


Owner/ Kerri-Lee Benson

A self-taught designer & artisan who's been self-employed, as a crafter, since 2005, F/T.  Kerri-Lee is Inspired by colour & texture, motivated by preserving our environment, driven to design multi-functional items. Comfee Cushion is her unique design.

12+ Yrs In Business 

Kerri-Lee became a full-time entrepreneur in 2005. However her entrepreneurial spirit was in development from childhood, with two entrepreneurial parents raising her. At age 11, wanting to visit her best friend in New Brunswick and told she had to raise enough to pay for her own flight, an idea for raising the funds, sparked.  She created a flyer offering her services to walk dogs, babysit, wash cars, and do singing telegrams, which she delivered around her neighbourhood along her newspaper paper route for "the shopping news", in Oakville. Ontario. 

That July, she bought her first solo flight to New Brunswick to visit her friend. Once she had a taste of fulfilling her goals, she was hooked. Realizing the power of independently making dreams come true. From that time on she made it her mission to use her creativity to allow her to make the life she wanted. Nothing could get in her way, she had dreams and knew it was up to her to make them come true.