Q. I have a Comfee cushion and it's no longer vibrating

A. Open the zipper on the back, remove the mechanism and replace the 2 D cell batteries. We recommend heavy duty Carbon zinc. Please do not throw old or dead batteries in the garbage. They can be recycled at your local Canadian Tire store or Staples. You can also check your local community to see where used batteries are accepted.

Q. I have replaced the batteries and the mechanism is still not working or it's very weak.

A. You have a 1 year warranty from date of purchase, on the mechanism inside provided that you adhered to the 2 usage rules. 1. Do not have the cushion vibrating for longer that one hour consecutively, and 2.  Do not expose the cushion to extreme temperatures. Provided you followed above and it's within a year we will ship you a replacement mechanism free of charge.

Q. It's been longer than a year and my mechanism is no longer working.

A. Replacement mechanisms are available for $10 plus tax and shipping, contact us at the customer service number and place an order over the phone or purchase the replacement mechanism online. 905-465-5620.

Q. I love the feeling of the cushions soothing vibration, however I find myself feeling dizzy or nauseous. Like motion sickness.

A. This is often caused by an inner ear imbalance, either temporary or permanent, called vertigo. It's best that you stop using the pillow until this stops.

Q. I have a pacemaker, can I safely use a Comfee Cushion?

A. We strongly recommend, that you to Contact your physician, as different pacemakers have different sensitivities and we wouldn't want you to take any unnecessary risks. Please get cleared to use the class 2 medical device, for circulation boosting, by your physician Prior to use. Thank you.